Candid B Cream


Candid-B Cream is used to treat fungal infections & allergic reaction. It has Beclometasone Topical which is a potent steroid that helps in reducing skin inflammation, redness, swelling and skin disorders. It also has Clotrimazole which helps in reducing fungal infections.
Candid-B Cream is generally used to treat allergic reactions and fungal infection but there are several other uses where it could be taken:-
Fungal infection
Allergic Reaction
Fungal infection of penis, vagina etc.
jock itch
Skin Inflammation
Redness & swelling
This is a non-exhaustive list and there might be other uses & benefits of the Candid B Cream as well. Please do not take this cream because someone has taken it with similar symptoms. Please consult a physician or a specialist before using the cream.

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