What is Vendor247

This is a platform that is there to connect the Vendors to clients across Malawi and different countries, Vendor by definition entails, trading firms, sole traders and SMEs.

How do I ensure that am secure on the site.

Our site is secured, and we try to protect our clients and suppliers of goods and services, such that a transaction is complete when all parties in the chain are satisfied.

How do I pay?

Presently the site accepts all international cards, Paypal, Mobile Money, Bank Transfers, and is also in the process of exploring new decentralized finance technologies at a later stage.

How about the safety of consumed products?

At vendor247 we ensure that utmost we utilize trusted suppliers with traceable origins and addresses so that we maintain consistency.

How long will my products arrive?

Your products are expected to arrive at your destination within 24hrs, due to the availability of products in your chosen area

How do my products reach me or my intended destination?

At Vendor247, we have our logistics covering some areas, however in others, we enlist reputable local delivery companies, and in most remote, we have the local transport operators that we have enlisted. However, due to different modes of transportation and infrastructure, some products are likely to reach their destinations, not in the expected form. We also have a tracking system that you can track using the live map to the destination. It is therefore mandatory that in a situation where you are buying on behalf of someone you provide us with the workable number and basic details of the destination of your purchases to reduce inconveniences