Welcome to Vendor247

Welcome to Vendor247. We hope you will enjoy your online shopping with us !

Vendor247 is an online platform built with an objective to uplift peoples welfare. Vendor247 helps both formal and informal traders to reach new markets and sell beyond their existing physical places. The platform engages in E-commerce business through innovative solutions. We are constantly evolving with the sole aim to meet trading, market, economic, social and technological developments.

Vendor247 works with anyone who plans to open an account and trade including scaling their business. We engage in all kinds of market trading on all legal and ethical products. Vendor247 does not discriminate and we are because you are, so everyone is treated like family on Vendor247.

Vendor247 is a dynamic platform, and we are constantly developing with you – the customer – on our mind. We are also actively growing in different countries and regions. Our dream and desire is to ensure the underrepresented are given a platform to trade and grow businesses beyond expectations.