4 Small Carrots


Carrot is a kind of taproot that grows underground. It is a root vegetable, usually orange in colour. However carrots in purple, red, white and yellow varieties do exist. The root is the part of the plant that is usually consumed, either raw or cooked. The oblong root is sweet and juicy, when eaten fresh. Sometimes, the green leaves along with the root are also eaten.

Carrots take a prominent place in many cuisines, especially while making salads. It is not only mouth candy but also very healthy. One can acclaim carrot as the most flexible vegetable. It can be consumed so many diversified ways. One can eat it raw, or they can be boiled, steamed and cooked. Carrot is chopped and added in soups and salads.

It is important to preserve the freshness in carrots without drying them out of moisture. The best way to cook carrots retaining maximum of its nutrient content is by steaming or boiling.

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