Large Space Dome Hanging Mosquito Net Round Sunshade Curtains


color: purple
Flooring Mosquito net: The nets are naturally drooping, elegant and beautiful. The polyester material is made of breathable, does not feel depressed in the mosquito net and adds a romantic atmosphere to your warm bedroom
Wide range of uses: It is not only a mosquito net, it provides you with a good night’s sleep, it can also be used as a baby room decoration, so that children can read inside and play with peace of mind
Easy to install: No complicated tools are required, the installation takes only a simple step, the suction cup is combined with the ceiling, and the mosquito net is hung. The process takes only a few minutes
Stylish design: Double-layer pleated lace craftsmanship, rich in three-dimensional layer. With the embellishment of luminous butterflies, the graceful lace reflects the beauty of the home fashion from the inside out
Overlapping door design: The sills widen and overlap. On the one hand, it is more visually beautiful. On the other hand, there is no need to worry about mosquitoes flying in from the curtain

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